Welcome to my course on Writing Columns and thank you for your trust! You will definitely learn a lot during this course, I promise. Every lecture contains a substantial amount of information. That shouldn't really come as a surprise, as there is a lot of knowledge to be shared about the writing of columns.

That is why I've chosen a course format with which you're not only able to hear what I have to tell: you can also read and see it by means of clear, to-the-point whiteboard-style animations. That'll make quite a difference!

From the multiple testing I've done with trial students, I've concluded that the following way of studying works best:

  1. Limit yourself to working through two, maximum three lectures a day.
  2. Always watch the video first.
  3. Then attentively read the accompanying text to the video you've completed (you'll find the download link of each lecture in text below the video).
  4. Eventually, watch the video one more time.

Try to immediately apply the things you've learned while writing your own columns. For this, you can also use the checklist you'll find at the end of the course (bonus section). In this special bonus section, you'll also find the complete e-book (all lectures bundled in one PDF file of 167 pages) of the course as well as a list of 24 useful writing tools.

I wish you a great time during the study of this course on Writing Columns, for this is absolutely the most important thing: taking pleasure in writing itself! Only this way, you'll be able to make sufficient 'flight time' and gather the necessary experience. Yes, this is indeed the only way to continuously improve yourself. Until the very moment you've truly become what I am now: a professional columnist!

If you have any questions and/or remarks, you can contact me at any time. Just send an email to: [email protected]

For now, I would just like to thank all the people and companies that have helped me making this course. Without their work and dedication, I would never have succeeded in creating this course for you.

My special thanks to:

Voice-over: Millian Quinteros
Whiteboard-style animations: VideoScribe
Illustrations: FreePik.com and VideoScribe
Translations from Dutch to English: SoGraTex - Louise M. Bartels

Course-integrated videos
'Creativity requires TIME': https://youtu.be/VPbjSnZnWP0
'The Gap': https://vimeo.com/frohlocke/thegap